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Xavier's School WoH battle simulator, database and more.

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Xavier's School WoH battle simulator, database and more. Empty Xavier's School WoH battle simulator, database and more.

Post by Clause on Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:52 pm

I stole this from another site but I'll update the link every time he updates the program. It has info on lots of cards, it has a battle simulator to test your cards against other decks you create, how much your cards are worth, etc. The download link is below the picture in red. Just remove the space towards the end of the link. It won't let me post a link until after 7 days. You will need Microsoft Office or a free program like OpenOffice to open it. OpenOffice can be downloaded free from their website. Just google it.

Here is my Xavier School Spreadsheet.
Now with Excel and Open office editions!
LATEST UPDATE 08/04/2013 edit 1
Inside you will find:-

Intro: Me rambling and thanks. PLEASE READ before continuing with sheet.

Danger Room: A battle simulator able to do everything!

The Classroom: Here you can view information for the fight you set in the simulator in more depth.
Want to know exactly what happened to one card in your deck throughout every step of combat? View it here.

Visions Vision: Will show the most likely outcome of a fight with the cards and skills selected in "The Danger Room". (Work in progress) Hosted by vision.

Advanced Class: A selection of hopefully useful tools hosted by cyclops.
Tools currently included are:-
A Card skill calculator: Choose rarity of the card you wish to skill and what skill you wish to reach - choose the card rarity and skill level u r feeding - Get % chance increase.

Cerebro: A database to keep information on all the cards from WoH.
All cards of rarity U,U+ and Legend are included plus one of each allignment of SSR and SSR+.

Weapon X: The Best cards in each alignment for defense and attack, brought to you by Deadpool & Yusuke Raizen.

Super Villains: A listing of Proven WoH thieves, brought to you by Black Cat.

The Trader: A pricing tool based upon Jeenx's work and guide to trading Hosted by The Trader.

Adding New Cards: As it says, a simple, illustrated guide to adding cards.

Xavier's School WoH battle simulator, database and more. TheDangerRoom-1


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